Paul Mengert

Paul Mengert, an accomplished CEO at the helm of Association Management Group (AMG), demonstrates a remarkable commitment to both his leadership role and his dedication to the field of community associations. Notably, he has assumed pivotal positions such as a senior faculty member for the prestigious Community Association Institute (CAI) on a national scale and the role of President within the Carolina’s Chapter of the Community Associations Institute.

In addition to the demands of his executive role, Mengert remains unwavering in his commitment to educating the upcoming generation of professionals in the realm of community associations. In pursuit of this mission, he imparts his wealth of knowledge through instructive classes that encompass a comprehensive range of topics, including leadership, governance, financial management, and ethics, among others.

Mengert’s distinguished career, spanning over three decades, underscores the quality and depth of his presentations. His classes are not only enlightening but also hold the distinction of being approved for continuing education credits by regulatory bodies such as the South Carolina Department of Real Estate, North Carolina Board of Realtors, California Department of Real Estate, Nevada Department of Real Estate, Florida Bureau of Condominiums, and the Georgia Department of Real Estate. Paul Mengert firmly believes in the power of sharing his expertise and vast experience to empower and uplift community associations in their pursuit of enhancing their quality of life and residential environments.